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Who is Tabrez Rubberwala

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Tabrez Rubberwala
Tabrez Rubberwala

Tabrez Rubberwala is a prominent builder of south Mumbai. A recognized expert in the

construction industry. He specializes in strategic planning, capital market transactions, due diligence, and restructuring transactions areas. He is also well-known for advising customers on strategic issues related to acquisitions of construction and engineering companies.

A graduate from Mumbai University in Civil Engineering, Mr Rubberwala is a spirited entrepreneur and visionary who foresaw the comprehensive need for housing and redefining the city he lives in. He is an experienced engineer in the construction industry for over 15 years and has been acknowledged as an accomplished performer whose presence has seen his company through many challenging times.

His sheer grit and determination to succeed in the industry is exemplified in his primary residential project built in 2002, "Ameena Heights". Since then he has not looked back and moved on to new and more challenging projects.

Under his dynamic leadership, the company has achieved resounding success and reached a high level of professionalism. He has maintained quality controls and integrity in the Realty Sector. The Company is synonymous for its high level of quality, integrity and customer satisfaction.

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